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We see Cloud Computing as one of the most powerful emerging trends that will change the way businesses are run today. Our cloud services offerings cut across various layers. Our portfolio of services includes:

Cloud Discovery & Journey Services:

We help customers in identifying and assessing opportunities to move on to a cloud environment to gain significant business benefits. We provide consulting services such as Cloud Discovery and Journey services which help customers adopt the right set of cloud services systematically and profitably.

Private Cloud Services:

We have experience in infrastructure virtualization, data center and migration services to provide implementation and migration to customers from existing environments to a Private Cloud environment. We also manage the entire Cloud infrastructure.

valueCloud :

A Cloud Service owned by us for our customers on a IaaS/HaaS basis (Infrastructure as a Service/Hardware as a Service), Storage/backup/Archival on Cloud, Hosted E-Mail, RIMS and Hosted Campus ERP for Education etc., to start with. We are in the process of building more and more cloud services.