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With the introduction of VoIP technology, telephony has taken on a new meaning. With the ability of routing traditional phone calls through data networks and the internet, a whole new level in terms of telephony features, accessibility and cost effectiveness has been reached.

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Solution Founder Company offering a dynamic EMIS system that provides user-friendly dashboards with login access for teachers, non-teaching staff, students, parents and management personnel of your institution.

  • Student Demographic
  • Contact Information
  • Scheduling

Financial Services

Our DBS Financial Services module will take care of all accounts related entries and their impact on the whole company. How the finance comes and how it is been utilized. Total flow of money (Cash/Bank) and total expenditures will be reflected here.

  • GL Entries
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Currencies
  • Ledgers

Health Sciences

The computer hardware in your business has a huge impact on your work. Having the right computers, servers, printers and any other physical IT resources. Can help your company in the direction you desire and we are here to help you.

  • OPD
  • IPD

HR Management

Providing an end-to-end approach to people management, Dynamic HR System by Ultimate Software is a comprehensive payroll, human resources (HR) and talent management system that is delivered on-demand

  • Resume Bank.
  • Recruitment.
  • Personnel.


Our Retail Management Systems provides integrated point-of-sale and back office solutions for small to medium-sized specialty retailers.

  • Counterpoint POS
  • Retail Online
  • Customer Connect

Fleet & Rental Management

Our Rent Fleet module maximizes the use of each vehicle by continuously tracking its utilization and associated maintenance and damage costs, the vehicle management reporting tools allow optimal fleet planning and ROI for each vehicle type.

  • Analysis of fleet utilization: historical; current; projected
  • Incident triggering of work orders
  • Automated authorization process