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Fleet & Rental Management

Our Rent Fleet module maximizes the use of each vehicle by continuously tracking its utilization and associated maintenance and damage costs, the vehicle management reporting tools allow optimal fleet planning and ROI for each vehicle type. Our objective is to minimize your vehicle out-of-service time and thereby lowering your fleet costs considerably. Our Rent achieves this goal by:

  • Analysis of fleet utilization: historical; current; projected
  • Incident triggering of work orders
  • Automated authorization process
  • Scheduling and tracking of vehicle maintenance
  • Online access to historical maintenance information
  • Current vehicle status
  • Identify non-revenue movements
  • Identify traffic violations
  • Fuel purchase support
  • Schedule vehicle sale process
  • Insurance renewal
  • Registration and licence renewal
  • Vehicle availability and status
  • Support vehicle transfer between branches
  • Ability to enter damage sheet online for each vehicle
  • Support vehicle replacement